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Upon completion of Level 1, the student will be able to:

    Understand simple narratives and narratives, instructions and short descriptions of objects, as well as orally and in writing.
    Will be able to participate in the conversation.
    Receive and express the main and general message.
    Sometimes to receive detailed information (depending on the purpose, and when the text structure addresses it).

    It will be a matter of self-defense in informal and popular contexts.
    It will have difficulties in formal and foreign contexts.
    Mistakes in speech will not hinder communication, thanks to the use of payment strategies (repetitions, self-corrections, etc.).

To do this, he needs to know several notions:

    Verb aspect, present and past (NOR, NOR-NORI, NOR-NORK, NOR-NORI-NORK) and authority.
    Comparisons (more than… ago, more than… more / less, as, age, so, so many), various correlations (increasingly… ago, how many ago / then and… ago, which more or more…) and superlative.
    Declension: singular, plural or indefinite.
    It will use basic joints and fasteners (and yet, therefore, for that reason, for this reason, except, rather, for that matter).
    He / she will need to know the style (completive, question during, authority).