Testing Courses

We believe that the Testing Courses we have made available to you will be useful to know approximately where you are in the process of applying. It is roughly the case that these levels are measured only by grammatical knowledge and comprehension. For a more complete and reliable grading, visit the Euskaltegi, where we will see how well you write and speak. We will then decide on what level to start. Below are the general goals for each level.

Choose the level that you think is right for you and test your knowledge: (We recommend starting from the beginning if you do not know what your level may be)


LEVEL 1. In completing the first level, the student will be able to understand and express simple and simple narratives, narratives, instructions, brief descriptions of people and objects in familiar everyday contexts and general and common topics.

LEVEL 2. In completing the second level, the student will be able to understand and express, converse and act on familiar topics and situations, narratives, descriptions, instructions and brief explanations.

LEVEL 3. By completing the third level, the student will be able to understand any Basque language at the level of the general culture, as well as to communicate correctly, appropriately and richly.

LEVEL 4 By completing the fourth grade, the student will be able to maintain a conversation about issues of the highest cultural and personal level and provide opinions and explanations.