Cultural activities

Culture is a necessary part of the teaching of Basque, which must be known along with other aspects. In IKA's educational material and in our activities both in and out of school, Basque culture plays an important role. As a result, cultural activities are an important part of our activity. In fact, any language in a context, in a society, makes sense. Language is something alive. Therefore, the student who learns Basque, in addition to language learning, understands the world as well as a culture.

This being the case, we organize a wide range of cultural activities throughout the year in our centers and in other parts of the city. They are cultural events of many kinds; because, from a cultural point of view, our cultural program is made up of activities that take into account the tastes of as many people as possible: exhibitions, music concerts, theater shows, conferences, festivals, festivals, excursions, workshops, festivals, tournaments ...

We organize all these cultural activities in a vacuum in the Basque language, offering students the opportunity to use Basque outside of the classroom, in real communicative situations, to use Basque. In fact, citizens who are currently learning Basque need the natural and real frameworks to use what they have learned in classrooms. At the same time, the Basques also have the opportunity to take advantage of this wide range of culture, as there are many students who are not Basque speakers but who come to our events.