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Processing Equipment


Mixing is a process used in the industrial engineering and this is one of the vital things that is used in industries for various purposes. The main objective of mixing is to use the raw material in order to use it whenever the people want to use a raw material in a different way this needs to be done as it provides the users to apply the raw material in whichever way the user wants to use it. Many of the heterogeneous physical systems need to go through a process in order to make the materials as a powdered material and they can be used as per the customers' wish. Some of the works that require manpower can be changed into automatic processes and this can be used in many applications like homogenizing the water temperature and this can even be done in many mechanical types of equipment, for example in battering for the pancake by stirring the dish in order to eliminate the lumps. These things are used to ease up the process and this can also be done in order to get the work done easy. Apart from the above-said example, the processes are done for any other task to accomplish the work.

Mixing is a process that is performed in order to allow the heat or mass, or sometimes both to transfer between one stream or sometimes more streams, phases or components. Industries that are processing most of the work that has a tendency to move for automation and this is one of the easiest ways for the industry owners as the various types of machinery are used to accomplish the task. These things are used to make the gases into liquids and liquids into gases, and also turning the solid materials into liquids and the liquids into solids as the processes are very vital to have in the industry in order to accomplish the work. With the usage of right equipment, it is possible to mix the solid with gas, liquid with gas and gas with solid and any other scenarios can be possible. Usually many of the works that are involved in the industries are like mixing, grinding and mashing the raw materials that are used in the industry in order to work for the task and can be done with such an ease, apart from mixing even the opposite can also be done with the help of these machines it is even possible segregate.


Blending the powders is one of the oldest operations that are present in the solids that are handled in the industries. The powder blending has been in use for many decades in order to make the bulk materials homogenize. Many of the different machines are designed for different purposes mainly to handle the materials along with the various solid properties that are taken as bulk. On the basis of the experiences that are gained from the practical work these types of machinery that are mainly used in the engineering works and have been developed in order to construct reliable and predictable to foresee the mixing and scaling up behavior that took place in the process. Nowadays many applications are used in order to gain the same technologies in the mixing processes. These processes and technologies are used in many applications mainly to improve the quality of the product, to coat the particles, to fuse the materials, to make the material disperse in liquid, to alter the functional properties of the materials, to agglomerate, and etc. It requires a high level of knowledge in order to mix the types of equipment with the wide range of applications that are present in the industry, and also a long time experience.

High Shear Mixers

The high shear mixture disperse or the one that transports to one phase or the ingredient that has to be mixed in the composition in order to make the word accomplished as the per the business requirements and it also has to get par with the standards that are meant to be created in order to meet the clients requirements. The high shear mixers are on the kind of equipment, which is used to get the solution mixed or to be passed in the pipes that are meant to pass in it in order to create the shear. The high shear mixer is mainly used to create the emulsions, aerosols (which is gas dispersed in the liquid), and the products of granular. These techniques are used in the adhesives, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and in various industries of plastics for homogenization, emulsification, particle, dispersion and size reduction. High Shear Mixers are one of the most used machines in the industries in order to make the process tidy and this can be achieved

Colloid Mixtures

Colloid Mixture is a machine that is mainly used to disintegrate the solid particles or to droplet the size of the liquid that is present in the suspension or in the emulsion. The machine has an inlet (that is subjected to a tremendous action of shearing, which affects the time dispersion in a uniform size) with an outlet. The Colloid Mixture mainly works on the principle of the rotor-stator principle. The equipment breaks the materials down by forming the dispersion of the material in the liquid. Shearing happens in a very narrow gap that is present between the static cone (stator) and the cone that rotates rapidly (rotor). In order to reduce the wear, the stator and rotor are built using the corundum or the toughened steel. The colloid mixture's rotor can be easily differentiated from one machine to the other, but the principle that is used in operating the device is same for all types of types of equipment. Each manufacturer and the brand incorporate features that are specific and unique, which mainly results in the changes that can be resulted in the efficiency of the operation. Colloid mixtures are one of the most used mixtures in the industries and this can also be a robust piece of machine that takes and eases up most of the work.


The Kneader is a reactor is a machine, sometimes it is simply called as a kneading reactor, which specializes in kneading and mixing the substances, precisely those that have a very high viscosity. Many industries are using this equipment and this one of the masterpieces of all the other types of types of equipment and this can be used for many of the products' productions. Some of the products, for example, are chewing gums and polymers, these products are produced in the kneader reactor machine. Even though the machine is existed and have been in use for decades but gained the people's attention and became popular recently in the food and other general processing industry. This is a mixer machine that is horizontal with two Z-type blades or Sigma. These blades are used and operated by gears that are attached separately at different speeds, with each running in 1.5 times faster than the other machine and equipment. The kneading reactor has powerful speed reducers and powerful motors in order to drive the two blades in different acceleration. Usually, the kneader reactor has a barrel that of a W-type and also with a tilt that is performed hydraulically, which turns it into a heating jacket.


Industrial dryers are the machines used to process large quantities of materials and efficiently reduce their moisture levels. The dryers are designed specifically, based on the quantity and type of the material is to be dried. Decades are unit to measure the dryer life. So, if the dryer is not selected properly or if any inefficient dryer is selected, then, the industry's economic health wouldn't be so good. So, choose the dryer efficiently. There are many types of industrial dryers but, the most commonly used industrial dryers are fluidized bed dryer, rotary dryer, and rolling bed dryer. Fluidized bed dryers use a phenomenon called fluidization and are mostly used to dry granular particles and pharmaceutical powders. Rotary Dryer is used by bringing the material in contact with the heated gas. It is mostly used in mineral industry for drying sand, coal, ores, fertilizers, etc. and in the food industry for drying liquids or granular substances like cereals, coffee beans, pulses, etc. For processing large amounts of materials and reducing their moisture levels, rolling bed dryers are used. Mostly, they are used for drying wood chips, biomass, waste recycling, etc. So, dryers must be chosen based on the type and quantity of material used.

IKA Net Testimonials


  • 1) Do your machines build its equipment?

    Yes, we have the authorized design and a better manufacturing experience in order to develop the machinery to meet all your requirements.

  • 2) What is the necessity of a custom machine?

    The major need for the custom machinery is to accommodate your process and meet all the requirements such as the throughput, sanitation, and safety etc. In case if the requirements are not satisfied then the custom machinery can be enhanced to your project. In the case of the production of the unique products, it is one of the possible solutions.

  • 3) What do you mean by the standard equipment?

    Standard equipment is nothing but machinery designed to perform a particular function with the target of the repeated production.

  • 4) Does your machine build with the standard equipment?

    Yes, obviously our machines are built with the standard equipment. We have also developed the various sizes along with the feature options.

  • 5) Whether any service is provided for the machines you build?

    Yes, we have a unique service department which is capable of handling the new equipment installations along with the ongoing service of the installed equipment.

  • 6) Any integration is possible for the machine into equipment we already have?

    Yes, integration is possible for the future use with whatever equipment our clients currently use.

  • 7) Why should I consider your machines?

    We always aim to provide the best feasible solution in order to meet all your needs for the specific application.